When a tool becomes a drug

Let’s take a second and imagine that you’ve just called in a plumber to fix a broken pipe in your bathroom. The guy arrives and starts unpacking all the things he will need in order to deal with your issue. But when he reaches for the wrench, instead of actually using it, he starts griningContinuă lectura „When a tool becomes a drug”

Is Strava just another Facebook?

Well, of course it’s not. Not really. Or, maybe just a bit. It would appear as dumb or superficial to think that Strava is just another Facebook, targeted at a different audience. Especially since, for example, “posting” something to your Strava profile requires that some physical activity has been performed (be it running, swimming, walking,Continuă lectura „Is Strava just another Facebook?”

Păcăneaua din buzunar

Probabil că orice om care a folosit sau folosește un smartphone și mai are și cont pe vreo rețea socială (indiferent care ar fi aceasta) a avut de-a face cu minute bune sau chiar ore în care nu a făcut nimic altceva decât să scrolleze aiurea prin feed. De cele mai multe ori, utilizatorul pleacăContinuă lectura „Păcăneaua din buzunar”