Well, I also have to make a living, so here’s what I’ve been working during office hours up to now. Who knows what will happen next, while life unwinds and I find myself wandering on various paths?

Senior QA Engineer/Junior DevOps Engineer – Enea (Aug 2016 → Current)

As part of the ENEA Linux Test Framework team, I had the opportunity to tackle several topics & challenges over time:

  • Worked with Linaro’s LAVA2 framework (a set of automated deployment tools for embedded systems)
  • Attempted to create a LAVA framework replacement from scratch
  • Developing and maintaining various scripts & tools (most of them written in Python) tied to the development cycle and the ENEA Linux CI/CD (this also involves Jenkins Pipelines & infrastructure automation using Ansible and containers)

System Test/Senior QA Engineer – Enea (Jul 2015 → Aug 2016)

  • QA Engineer for weekly OSE release cycles
  • Helped implementing a Jenkins-based solution that integrates existing testing tools & frameworks in a single flow.
  • Various R&D activities, like implementation pre-studies & solution analysis Python & Perl scripting for various internal tools & frameworks

Senior QA Engineer – Axway (Jul 2012 → Jul 2015)

  • Quality Assurance & Test Automation for Axway’s Gateway:
    • Test case design and execution
    • Cross-platform testing (Windows & UNIX-like operating systems)
    • Test scripting & automation (Python 2.x/3.x & BASH)
    • Test environment(s) configuration (virtual machines, additional software prerequisites, etc.)
    • Participate in developing the Gateway QA team’s testing framework (Python 2.x)
  • Integrating Gateway in the Axway CI environment OTAclient Connector:
    • Research & develop a connector to Mercury Quality Center, using C# and the QC official API
    • Make sure this connector is available as a Windows Server service, able to take batches of requests and perform them accordingly at regular time intervals
  • Virtual Machines / Test Lab management:
    • Manage the team’s VMWare ESXi Server (resource pool configuration, usage statistics & reporting using Veeam ONE)
    • Create, configure & maintain virtual machines running: Oracle Solaris 10∕11, various Linux flavors (Debian-based & CentOS/RHEL), Windows 2003/2008/7/2012 R2
    • Create & Manage virtual machines with: MSActive Directory 2008, MS Exchange 2007, NFS & e-mail servers, DHCPv4 & DHCPv6
    • NAT & VLAN environments using FreeBSD (pf firewall, ftpproxy, radvd, IPv4 & IPv6routing)

Embedded Software Test Engineer – Enea (Feb 2011 → Jul 2012)

  • Embedded testing for Axis’ Networked Video devices Test case execution & tracking
  • Exploratory, stability & performance testing Environmental & PTZ testing for networked cameras / video sensors
  • Test environment preparation and management (OS configurations, VM’s – Windows 2008 & DHCP v4-v6,DNS & DDNS services, Linux servers) and local test lab establishment

Software Test Engineer – Axway (Jul 2009 → Feb 2011)

QA for the new corporate applications platform:

  • Test plan definition and execution
  • Usability analysis
  • Virtual & physical testing environment deployment, configuration & maintainance (VMware ESXi, – Windows & Unices, LDAP servers, load balancers, clusters) for both QA & Development teams
  • Test automation (Java, Perl, Sikuli, VBscript & Bash, Python)
  • QA trainings (I participated in a QA Workshop held for fellow QA Engineers, as trainer for Agile testing and presenting the project I work in)
  • Track nightly build systems in order to update all environments used by the test teams White box testing
  • Task effort estimation for QA specific duties
  • LDAP architecture configuration & management (Active Directory & OpenLDAP) Develop performance & stress tests
  • Work with QA teams from other countries

Software Development Engineer in Test – Bitdefender (Nov 2008 → Jul 2009)

  • Software developing/programming (testing tools, test automation, performance evaluation tools) using C#/Visual C++, Perl and Ruby
  • Software testing
  • QA & product test planning
  • Test environment development & management (Virtual Machines, test beds, etc.)
  • Test automation (Ranorex, Perl, Python)

Software Test Engineer – Axigen (Oct 2006 → Nov 2008)

Software testing activities for the Axigen Email Server:

  • Write automated scripts and programs for automated testing (threading, multiple commands, code – debugging) using PERL, BASH & Python
  • Develop test cases and documentation for the FTP-BACKUP service
  • Help implement the FTP-BACKUP service (white & gray-box testing)
  • Test the SMTP, POP3 protocol implementations
  • Test the Outlook Axigen plug-in

ECDL Trainer – ECDL Foundation (Oct 2005 → Oct 2006)

Trainer for ECDL Start and ECDL Complete packages. Trained 4 groups for the Romanian Ministry of Justice, part of a staff training project.

Network Administrator – Chimopar S.A. (Jun 2004 → Sep 2004)

Participated in building the factory`s network infrastructure (cabling, servers, workstations). Deployed client operating systems to each workstation and performed various helpdesk activities.