Jumping into OpenWRT & other stuff

So, this TP-Link WR841N served our household for about 6 years. Most of the time, we forgot about it, since we encountered no issues. As time went by though, it began to show it's age (probably): Wi-Fi connections started dropping quite often and the whole system would freeze every other day, requiring a full reboot. Eventually, it got replaced.

Since I try my best at using and reusing items & resources around me, I decided not to throw this one away. Instead, I am turning it into an important piece for a project I am starting (even though I have some difficulties with finding some spare time for it right now) in order to learn more and have some geeky fun.

So, I've just flashed it with OpenWRT. Joined the OS community (with a secondary aim at contributing to the OpenWRT documentation efforts) and feeling enthusiastic.

Soon, I will post more details about this project. Among others, it involves a Raspberry Pi Zero, an Arduino, some high voltage relays and a few orchestration tools.

Remember: never just throw away old tech items (or items in general) while they are still usable. Use your imagination. Have fun. Learn.