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Curriculum Vitae / Resume

I work with Linux, FreeBSD, Python and a bit of C. Have been involved in Software Testing & Test Automation for quite some time, in various forms (also did some test environment management when needed). Bash, some HTML5 & CSS3, CI/CD setups, Linux/FreeBSD as a daily driver & a tad of electronics are not foreign to my ears. Fond of embedded devices and tinkering stuff.

The larger gaps in 2018 and 2021 onwards represent two long paternity leaves I took for my two sons. While taking care of that, I remained technically active thanks to my homelab and a GNS3 Academy subscription.

Technologies I work with


System Test Engineer – Enea (Jul 2020 → Feb 2021)

(embedded-linux, python-3.x, nfv, shell, ose)

Mainly working alternatively on the following subjects:

Senior QA Engineer – Enea (Aug 2016 → Oct 2018)

(jenkins, continuous-integration, continuous-deployment, linux, yocto, python, groovy)

As part of the ENEA Linux Test Framework team, I had the opportunity to tackle several topics & challenges over time:

System Test/Senior QA Engineer – Enea (Jul 2015 → Aug 2016)

(python, linux, continuous-integration, continuous-deployment, iot)

Senior QA Engineer – Axway (Jul 2012 → Jul 2015)

(python-2.7, bash, vmware, esxi, linux, freebsd, active-directory, windows-server-2008)

Embedded Software Test Engineer – Enea (Feb 2011 → Jul 2012)

(vmware, esxi, linux, python)

Software Test Engineer – Axway (Jul 2009 → Feb 2011)

(vmware, esxi, junit, java, sikuli-script, python-2.7, active-directory)

Software Development Engineer in Test – Bitdefender (Nov 2008 → Jul 2009)

(c#, ruby, python, vmware-server)

Software Test Engineer – Axigen (Oct 2006 → Nov 2008)

(perl, python, linux, freebsd, bash, smtp, ftp)

ECDL Trainer – ECDL Foundation (Oct 2005 → Oct 2006)

Network Administrator – Chimopar S.A. (Jun 2004 → Sep 2004)


“Gh. Airinei” Post & Telecommunications High School

Graduated in Electronics, bilingual in English class.

Studied electronics, electrical engineering and electronic/electrical measurements & infrastructure project planning, in English. Degrees in English & basic digital electronics (presented a study of the ISDN protocol, regarding its principles & implementations).

Elastic Stack Essentials course at LinuxAcademy.com

Certification ID 164349

AWS Concepts at LinuxAcademy.com

Certification ID 155404

DevOps Essentials at LinuxAcademy.com

Certification ID 19938

Jenkins & Build Automation at LinuxAcademy.com

Certification ID 20635

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