Compiling 'suckless tools' on FreeBSD

I wrote this tutorial for potential new users that want to try out new stuff and wish to expand their technical knowledge, but also because there are some commands and details around here I might forget some months or years down the line (for example, Xorg video driver configurations). The whole writing process was aContinuă lectura „Compiling 'suckless tools' on FreeBSD”

Linux thoughts revisited

Well, this might be a bit embarrassing, but I’ve just installed ZorinOS on my laptop. Yes, you may throw rocks at me because I stated quite the opposite in my previous blog post, almost three months ago. Sure, most of what I wrote a little while back still stands. My desktop PC, for example, stillContinuă lectura „Linux thoughts revisited”

Switching from Linux to Windows 10

A (larger) bit of history Since I was first introduced to Linux at age 12, back in 1999 (with kind mentoring and two Red Hat Linux 5.0 CDs from my godfather), I went through a whole range of experiences, much like every other human being on the planet. In time, this operating system got underContinuă lectura „Switching from Linux to Windows 10”

Suckless Ubuntu

What is it? The nice & “official” explanation: A script that needs to be run on top of a fresh Ubuntu Minimal installation, thus producing a lightweight, fast and cozy work & play environment. Maybe I will manage to produce an ISO at some point in the future, but I do not consider this a must sinceContinuă lectura „Suckless Ubuntu”

Jumping into OpenWRT & other stuff

So, this TP-Link WR841N served our household for about 6 years. Most of the time, we forgot about it, since we encountered no issues. As time went by though, it began to show it’s age (probably): Wi-Fi connections started dropping quite often and the whole system would freeze every other day, requiring a full reboot.Continuă lectura „Jumping into OpenWRT & other stuff”

Discard content from a text file (with Python)

Recently I came across a scenario where I needed to process a text file so that a certain portion at the beginning was to be truncated up to a certain given line. After doing a bit of digging, I came across a very elegant solution on StackOverflow which involved the use of itertools & lambdaContinuă lectura „Discard content from a text file (with Python)”

Finding files with Python

Just another entry in my Python-related scrapbook :). There are many occasions when having some code snippets related to file searches can prove useful. Find for the first occurrence of a given filename in a given directory: import os def findFile(fileName, pathToSearch): for root, directories, files in os.walk(pathToSearch): if fileName in files: return os.path.join(root, fileName)Continuă lectura „Finding files with Python”

How I gave up my Windows 10 laptop in favor of an Android phone

  Well, yeah. If someone would have told me 8 months ago that I will be using an Android phone pretty extensively and that it will also replace my laptop, I would’ve told them to buzz off or shut up (ideally both, in either order).