Compiling ‘suckless tools’ on FreeBSD

I wrote this tutorial for potential new users that want to try out new stuff and wish to expand their technical knowledge, but also because there are some commands and details around here I might forget some months or years down the line (for example, Xorg video driver configurations). The whole writing process was a very good opportunity for me to extend the CSS I used for my website and to try do to a better job at formatting tech/code/console-related text. I would be glad if someone else found these instructions useful.


Linux thoughts revisited

Well, this might be a bit embarrassing, but I’ve just installed ZorinOS on my laptop. Yes, you may throw rocks at me because I stated quite the opposite in my previous blog post, almost three months ago.

Sure, most of what I wrote a little while back still stands. My desktop PC, for example, still runs on Windows 10 Pro, and it will on the long term. Being in need of a stable desktop for photo & video work is still the main reason, since Darktable is quite far from Adobe’s Lightroom and most FOSS video editors I’ve tried deal quite poorly with HD footage at 60 fps (general software stability issues aside, of course; I know how it feels to have the video editor simply crashing during rendering and being unable to recover a large chunk of the project file).


Switching from Linux to Windows 10

A (larger) bit of history

Since I was first introduced to Linux at age 12, back in 1999 (with kind mentoring and two Red Hat Linux 5.0 CDs from my godfather), I went through a whole range of experiences, much like every other human being on the planet. In time, this operating system got under my skin. Luckily, my work revolves quite a lot around it and I pulled any reachable lever in order to steer my carrer towards Linux-centered work.


Rușinea face minuni

Să nu arunci gunoaie pe jos în timp ce mergi pe stradă ar putea fi un lucru bun pentru imaginea ta, căci ar însemna că îţi pasă măcar de reacţiile dezaprobatoare ale celor din jur. La fel, dacă ai strânge excrementele lăsate de câinele tău fix în mijlocul drumului, ar însemna că ai o strângere de inimă la gândul că cineva te-a văzut și că știe din vina cui acea mizerie tronează pe asfalt. Mai mult decât atât, te-ar trece fiorii la gândul că ai putea intra cu câinele într-un loc de joacă pentru copii, lăsându-l să se ușureze pe cei 10 metri pătraţi de iarbă pe care micuţii captivi între betoane încearcă să se joace fără griji.


Suckless Ubuntu

What is it?

The nice & “official” explanation: A script that needs to be run on top of a fresh Ubuntu Minimal installation, thus producing a lightweight, fast and cozy work & play environment. Maybe I will manage to produce an ISO at some point in the future, but I do not consider this a must since it’s aimed at personal use.

Actual explanation A very egotistical “project” that allows me to quickly setup an Ubuntu-based system for times when I’m forced to use a more popular distribution (i.e. at the workplace) instead something I favor (like musl-based distros and/or FreeBSD). Since I’m quite a fan of deep work & frugality, it was something I had to try. In the end, I did have some fun with this small project.


When a tool becomes a drug

Let’s take a second and imagine that you’ve just called in a plumber to fix a broken pipe in your bathroom. The guy arrives and starts unpacking all the things he will need in order to deal with your issue. But when he reaches for the wrench, instead of actually using it, he starts grining and looking at it as if he is experiencing true awe. Maybe he silently moans as he contemplates the handles and ruggedness of cold forged steel. He is so distracted and enamoured with that wrench that he forgets why he came there for in the first place, and when he finally starts working, he rushes everything and does a job not much better than what you would have done, with duct tape and a cloth. And if you dare say anything about that, prepare for a whirlwind.


Câteva cuvinte despre frustrările parentale

Venirea pe lume a unui copil poate fi un lucru cu adevărat frumos, atâta vreme cât el a fost dorit iar părinții săi sunt dispuși să formeze o relație cu acesta, să-i poarte de grijă și să-l asiste pe lungul drum al dezvoltării. Poate fi una dintre cele mai frumoase și valoroase adiții ale vieții, oricât de clișeic, „expirat” sau telenovelistic sună (eu râdeam când auzeam așa ceva, cu ani în urmă).

Totodată, grija unui copil presupune suficient de multe sacrificii din partea părinților, mai ales în primii ani. Stilurile de viață se schimbă, fiind necesar să te mulezi pe nevoile celui mic. Călătoriile se planifică diferit, casa o reorganizezi, ajustezi cheltuielile și-ți restructurezi timpul disponibil pe parcursul zilei.