Dragoș Iorgulescu


This is that cheesy part in which I talk about myself and show a photo of me trying to be affable. Well, since I don’t use Twitter, Facebook and the such, what the hell…

I’m a guy that enjoys the outdoors. A lot! I love quiet places and my favourite activities revolve around cycling, mainly bicycle touring, randonneuring and MTB. These activities also involve my wife (since she is a nutter as well) and kid (who literally has no other choice).

It so happens that I’m quite geeky in terms of computers, in a sense that I’m mad about Linux, command lines, Python scripting, embedded/IoT devices and tinkering in general. Been working in the Software industry for 14 years now, mainly as a Software Testing & Test Automation Engineer.

Occasionaly, I like writing down ideas as blog posts. Themes vary, from technical to factual and philosophy (that’s a highbrow way of referring to pure blabbering nonsense). I also write on www.verdaspirito.org, even though lately there’s been a shortage of spare time for that.

Feel free to contact me via email for interesting stuff, discussions or business/collaboration proposals, using dragos -at- iorgos dot net