I’ve had blackbird calls & songs as companions throughout my life, starting with my childhood years. I grew up on a very green communist district in the Eastern parts of Bucharest, made up almost entirely of 4-story high blocks of flats with large & lush gardens in which lots of flowers & trees grew.

Since it was a time when cars were extremely rare (you would only see a car for 1 out of 100 households, if not scarcer) and vegetation was still present in this nowadays overly-crowded and polluted city, one had the chance to hear birds all year round. Out of all, the blackbird was my favorite. It’s still present in Bucharest, and this COVID-19 pandemic gave us all the chance to hear not only them, but also starlings, redbreasts, swallows, magpies, cuckoos and many others.

Being interested in field recording nowadays and since I resumed my music making hobby, I tried putting together a tune featuring blackbirds. And this is what came out of it:

This is part of a small EP I’ve just published on Bandcamp. It’s free to listen and it features a second ambient track, which involved some sound design (morphing a blackbird field recording using granular synthesis) and me playing/fooling around on the kaval.

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