A few updates

Well, I got back into music making. I missed having instruments around the house but, most of all, I missed making sounds of my own. So, I did that. I have been working on a new sound project in which I experiment a lot with sound, not necessarily in the traditional sense. I mix ambient bass guitar with synths, sampling and sound coming from test lab equipment and other acoustic devices/instruments (such as a kaval & a melody harp).

I’ve just put up a collection of six tracks titled „Sines”, since I explore how to blend sounds & soundscapes created using an audio signal generator (spewing out sine waves of various frequencies I can control with a big knob) with other field recordings and instruments. You can listen to it here.

Also, uploaded some live audio experiments on my revived YouTube channel, which you can find here.

Overall, a deep feeling of freedom.

More on music, home recordings and other related stuff in the coming two weeks.

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