Maybe the weather fluctuations have something to do with it, but I find myself a bit overwhelmed. It seems I am not able to lose the extra-weight I’ve gained during the past 8 months (or at least, not as efficiently as I did in the past), but this is largely because of my irregular and psychotic eating habits. I seem to take refuge in cookies, chocolate and bread, and since I’m not running or cycling at the moment, it does not help. 

I feel my general health is declining a bit and that my mind is stuck. However, I did buy a new bass guitar (a six string) and I am relearning most of the things I did in the past. Slowly. I figured I’d do it better this time and actually insist on proper hand technique and some music theory. All this started when a dear friend suggested I’d start playing music again, especially after listening to some of my older recordings. Well, I will do my best in honing this skill.

Didn’t get the time to finish my de-Googlify „tutorial”, but it’s on the way. Last week I decided to replace my stock Android 10 with /e/, a free, open source & privacy-oriented mobile OS based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project). All the Google shit is eliminated and microG is used for making the system compatible with popular apps (almost all, really) like WhatsApp and the such. I will write more on this in a couple of months.

Other than that, I must get less (or no) YouTube at bedtime and more reading or actual sleep. I seem to have fallen off the wagon again on this one, even though I did not have this habit a year before. Maybe I am trying to desperately fill some void.


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