Well, this has been a time of personal turmoil, that’s for sure. After venturing into Windows 10 territory again after many years of having a „Linux-only” attitude (only to find myself back to Linux after nearly two months), it’s time to think again about Facebook.

I do state my opinions on social media use quite a lot throughout some of my posts, and I do consider social media use is far from beneficial. But I found myself in a situation where I wanted to join a local open source project (regarding a Linux distribution I came to fancy quite a lot) in order to start contributing with testing, scripts, some code & user documentation. Tough luck! The guys handling everything use a Facebook group, and they seldomly answer emails.

Even though I initiated my Facebook profile deletion about a week ago, I noticed that a lot of important information was shared only to that group. Maybe it’s easier for the community at this point in time, and maybe things will change in the future. But, until that happens, I logged back in and joined the group.

An unexpected idea and a conclusion

I had become quite desperate in staying away from anything even remotely related to social media, especially Facebook, a path I chose because I value my time and the limited personal resources I’m dealing with. But I figured that running away from something I can’t seem to control is nothing but a sign of weakness. So I went deeper into this idea and realized that it would not be a crime to have a Facebook account, as long as I institute a set of rules and keep my values in mind.

  • Unfollowed most of my virtual „friends”. Yes, it’s a crime against humanity, but I am sure that the handful of people that really are my friends will understand this and will not take it personally.
  • Quit administering old pages I used to curate. Well, it was only one, and the website associated for that is deprecated, therefore I removed myself from the Administrators board, so that I don’t get useless notifications and marketing messages that urge me to invest a little in saving my page’s public identity. LOL
  • Left all groups I previously joined and kept only two which are of real interest to me and involve real people I know in real life.
  • Started using a browser extension to cut out as much crap as possible from Facebook’s interface.

And, as a last note, I will setup a schedule for checking statuses and messages on the groups I am part of. Maybe once or twice a week, a thing that should not take more than 15 to 30 minutes at best. And yes, no FB app on the phone (more ideas & things on smartphone usage will be available at some point in the future, after I finish writing a so-called „guide”), but I didn’t use that anyway.

I’m such a bipolar bastard, am I not?

Photo: visioncreativegroup.com

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