Facebook really is of no use

I’ve had a Facebook account for a while, but at some point decided to deactivate it. It felt like some sort of a burden to know that friends, colleagues or remote acquaintances knew I was present on „the network”, because most of them assumed I was constantly up-to-date with their lives and anger (or that I had to, otherwise I’d just be rude). Because Facebook is a great harvester of anger and helplessness.

Anyhow, two days back I thought I`d give it one more shot, so I reactivated the account. Nothing much, just updated my profile picture and tried to post a link with a short article that I thought would start a meaningful conversation with some of my counterparts (the article mainly revolved around the idea that Romania’s massive illegal deforestation is a consequence of our own inability to actually sanction politicians and getting properly involved all over the country). One day passes and I remember why I felt this platform is not useful for me: it only encourages brainless anger and trivial reciprocal admiration while discouraging more advanced or deep thoughts. Total loss of time and energy.

Posts about cats, vacation photos, travel journals and selfies rule. Anger & hate are next, in each discussion. Facebook is not the place to hold debates or to try getting people involved. Tried that in the past, and I actually became hooked to the platform at one point, without even noticing it, ending up with profound nihilistic thoughts and a sense of anxiety & fatigue.

Don’t get me wrong, dear reader, because I never thought true exchanges of ideas were doable on Facebook. And, after all, I believe that blogs are the only way people can truly express themselves while still remaining the only authority over the content. And Facebook is not a good tool for blogs, because it forces the blogger to create a dedicated Facebook page. Also, if you had any hope that your content would really be presented to the people interested in it (including the ones that „Like” your page), you’re wrong. It all depends on how much money you pour into their aggressive advertising system, with questionable results. That’s what I feel.

And that’s why I deleted my account this time instead of just deactivating it. Nothing lost, since I barely checked that damn thing anyway over the last year.

Peace of mind and a bit more time for reading.

Photo: techquintal.com

Publicat de Dragos Iorgulescu

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