This is my homepage, a place where I blabber (or write blog posts) about random thoughts in my head and also write about music (home recordings, ideas, instruments or favorite artists & albums) & the projects I am involved in, videos I’ve edited and other related stuff.

While not in front of a computer screen, I spend my time together with family or immersed in toys that produce sounds and have a lot of knobs. Of course, I enjoy reading, taking photos of stuff & things and spending a lot of time doubting everything. I love toying around with music & noise, playing a six-string bass, synths & a bit of (digital) piano.

I work with Python & Linux and have been involved in Test Automation for quite some time, in various forms. Bash, some HTML5 & CSS3, CI/CD setups, Linux power-user skills & a tad of electronics are not foreign to my ears.

Also fond of embedded devices. And tinkering stuff.


Scentient Pencils

This is the „project” I am currently messing with. It’s only me, naturally, and I tend to experiment a lot with a mix of electronics, acoustics, a bass guitar, an analog synthesizer & a little bit of (digital) piano. Sometimes, a lot of sampling and field recording may be involved. I also sometimes record some live jams and upload them to YouTube.

Feel free to give these ideas a go on the project’s Bandcamp page.


This was my first solo music project. Well, not quite my first ever, but the first one that mattered in some way. The sounds in here revolve around bass guitar experiments and minimal setups. I tackle drone, dark ambient and slow sludge/stoner metal infused with a tad of atmospheric black metal here & there.

At one point, I even put out a limited CD release for an LP called „Talim”. Feel free to explore everything I released while working on this entity, via the Bandcamp page.


I mainly take photos for myself, as a hobby, out of my desire to hold beautiful and interesting memories. Some of these can be found on this website, in the „Photography” section

Feel free to explore this somewhat chaotic webspace. Thank you for your visit!