Hey, I’m Dragoș!

This is my homepage, a place where I blabber (or write blog posts) about voices & thoughts in my head. No, you’re not in 1995. This is a trivial and simple website (read more on that here).

While not in front of a computer screen, I spend my time together with my family or immersed in toys that produce sounds and have a lot of knobs. Of course, I enjoy reading, taking photos of stuff & things and spending a lot of time doubting everything. I love toying around with music & noise, playing a six-string bass, synths & a bit of (digital) piano.

I work with Linux, FreeBSD, Python and a bit of C. Have been involved in Software Testing & Test Automation for quite some time, in various forms (also did some test environment management when needed). Bash, some HTML5 & CSS3, CI/CD setups, Linux/FreeBSD as a daily driver & a tad of electronics are not foreign to my ears. Fond of embedded devices, bicycles and tinkering stuff.


…because “blog” still sounds weird to me. I also like to write about stuff, whenever I get the time and energy to do so. And here’s what I mainly blabber about:

Recent Posts

Computer & Tech Stuff

I mainly work in Software Quality Assurance, but in a broader context, frequently brushing my shoulders on virtualization, embedded devices (with some basic programming), some network administration work and scripting. I’ve been using Linux for more than 15 years, both at work and at home, with small periods of “retrying out Windows”.

I consider Software Testing to be truly useful when the tester is trained (or trains him/herself) to fully understand the context & technologies related to the product being tested, so that one is able to act as a real world end-user, as much as possible. I fiddle around with Bash, Python, some C, Ansible, VNFs, embedded devices & Linux. Sometimes, things end up on GitHub.