Dragoș Iorgulescu

Hello, this is Dragoș!

I'm a software test engineer and a hobbyist addicted to bicycles & the outdoors. I have been working in the Software industry for 14 years now, mainly as a Software Test & Test Automation Engineer. Some would say I am some sort of a geek, even though I do not own the necessary skills for that. I'm a big-time Linux enthusiast with a soft spot for Python programming and keen on tinkering small IoT-like projects.

This is my personal website. It contains no ads, sponsored or affiliate links. I use this as a place to document various things I learn while working on different projects and, also a few thoughts of my own (some of the latter are written in Romanian, my native tongue). I would be glad if any of the articles on this website proved useful to anyone else besides me.

Thank you for your visit and have a great day!

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Open Source Projects

Focused Linux An initiative to create a lightweight Ubuntu flavor for deep work & minimalist enthusiasts, based around i3wm and the Min browser.
DAMF Device Automation and Management Framework. Aims to provide a framework for easily managing IoT boards & devices within a software development and testing lab.