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After more than a year of using GitHub Pages together with FreeDNS, I eventually decided to look for another hosting solution. Not that there is a problem with GitHub Pages, but I also wanted to revisit some server administration know-how I used to apply a lot a few years back.

Then, I kicked it up a notch and thought that also hosting my own email, Git and FTP servers would be a nice addition. Therefore, I purchased the simplest and cheapest Linux VPS from Time4VPS.com and, after working at it for two late evenings (well, I did stay up later than midnight, to be honest), I finally got things going.

Nothing beats the fresh air of a simple Debian terminal and a set of powerful server tools!

The website is accessible as before, with no visible changes. I’ve also been doing a little tinkering on blog categories and formatting, but nothing fancy. The part I’m more excited about is git.iorgos.net. This is a subdomain hosting my own Git server, where all my projects will be added shortly (for now, I have only just migrated the website project from GitHub). This gives me a lot of freedom and flexibility, things that are generally valuable to me but that will also prove useful for a few projects I have been working on lately.

I still have some work to do for the email server, but most of the work is done.

Feeling pretty excited about this! Now working on some things I will start to share, bit by bit, in the following weeks.


P.S.: Existing GitHub code will not be deleted, but kept for historical reference.

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